Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home Warranties!

Okay, I started this blog a while ago and was hoping to post something a least once a month. I haven't been doing too well with that; but, I will try to do better!

This morning a client called and was having trouble with their dishwasher. This client bought a home a couple of months ago and finally moved in and used the dishwasher for the first time. When my client turned on the dishwasher, it started to leak water and foam onto the kitchen floor. Luckily, the previous owner provided my clients with a one-year home warranty at settlement. This may not have been lucky for them. It seems as if this warranty company, does not want to pay to fix the problem with the dishwasher. The warranty company is saying that this was a pre-existing condition. I will tell you that my clients had their new home professionally inspected and during the walk-through I personally ran the dishwasher and had no problems.

What is the point to this story? I have spent the last few hours on the phone with various people with no resolution as of this moment. I always like to have my buyers and sellers buy home warranties. They can and should protect both parties from the problems that may arise from home systems and appliances. I have many clients who have been very staisfied with their home warranty service; but, this denial just seems ridiculous.

My advice, is to use a home warranty company that your Realtor has had personal experience with. I generally use a particular warranty company and I can tell you that this warranty company wants me and all of the agents at my company to be happy. If we have a problem with this particular warranty company, I have a local sales manager to call to get the problem resolved. Let me tell you this works! In the future when a home warranty is offered by the Seller- check out the policy and ask if your Realtor if they have had any personal experience with the particular warranty company. Buyer beware!